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Antique Typewriters
Lady Typewriter Martin Howard Collection of EarlyTypewriters

Numery seryjne maszyn do pisania
Typex Antique typewriter serial number.
Chuck and Rich's Antique Typewriter Website and Museum Virtual
Museum of antique typewriters, including toy, index, and special purpose typewriters.
Also has information on
selected early office items.

Virtual Typewriter Museum
Extensive virtual museum dedicated to the early history of the typewriter.

The Classic Typewriter Page
The Classic Typewriter Page offers a wealth of information for antique typewriter collectors,
including history, collecting and care tips,
and typewriter humor.

Early Typewriter Collectors Association Typewriters fight for the honor Typewriters boring?
Possibly ...
till they fight for the title of Miss Typewriter.

Office Collectibles
La máquina de calcular

Typewriter Museum
The Antique Typewriter Down Under Connection WELCOME TO THE TYPEWRITER MUSEUM.
All of these
typewriters are owned by me, but are only on public display virtually through this Web site.
The typewriter collection contains over 108 typewrites.

The Typewriter Restoration Site
Extensive information on the restoration of antique typewriters.
Includes a virtual museum and a parts exchange.

Carbons to Computers - The Changing American Office
Smithsonian Institution exhibit features museum display, timeline, and resources for further study.

Swedish Typewriter Page
Swedish Typewriter Page Includes a brief history of typewriters, examples of early models,
and common questions about collecting. In Swedish and English.

Typewriter House Collector
Coleccion Maquinas de Escribir por Juan Ramon GRACIA.

Mike Campbell's Antique Typewriters
Information on collecting typewriters. Includes a gallery, restoration tips, and resources.

Lady Typewriter
Features an antique typewriter virtual library and museum, a timeline, and news for collectors.

Bardzo bogata i ciekawa strona, o maszynach do liczenia i nie tylko.

Ciekawa strona i bogata w foto, o maszynach do pisania i nie tylko.

Bogata kolekcja maszyn do pisania i liczenia.


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